The company produces complete range of refractories including

  • Fireclay in Medium & High heat duty in all Shapes and sizes with Alumina contents from 30 to 45%
  • High Grog & High Alumina refractories with Alumina contents from 45% to 99% for various applications in Steel plants, Cement kilns, Glass furnaces, Sponge Iron, Aluminium, Non-Ferrous and Petrochemical Industries.
  • Sillimanite & Andalusite bricks and blocks for Glass plants.
  • Basic bricks including Magnesite, Magnesia Carbon, Magnesite Chrome, Chrome Magnesite, Alumina Chrome, Alumina Magnesia Carbon, and Direct bonded Mag chrome etc.
  • Acid Resistant bricks and mortars for Power Plants & Chemical Industry.
  • Insulation bricks in conventional and special light weight bricks.
  • Various grades of mortars, ramming masses, gunning mixes and full range of castables.